Portfolio 12

8.20 AM began as an Instagram community of like-minded people who desired to enable expressions of INDIVIDUALITY and to encourage HUMANITARIAN causes. To date we have 120,000 members and growing! This growth and community support has encouraged us to continue our goal of self- expression by integrating our inspirational text and fun imagery with comfortable clothing.

As we choose the messages for our clothing line, we ask ‘What does your existence mean to you, to us, to the world?’ 

How do you wish to express your individuality?

Consider the hat on your head. The cardigan in your closet. How about those ten t-shirts in your drawer? 

What if what you wore was more than another piece of cotton from just another store? What if what you wore was a message of positivity, self-empowerment, self-expression, and civic responsibility? 

Join us as ambassadors of positivity and good will.

At 8.20 AM…

Affinity Empowers Infinity.

You Inspire Us. We Inspire You. You Inspire Others.