• Negative behavior is the result of fear and/or hurt
  • Fear and hurt create insecurity
  • Insecurity generated during childhood fosters insecure adult behavior
  • Insecurity impedes relationship success
  • Insecurity impedes goal setting success

Blackwell Coaching Focus

  • Help you improve your self-esteem
  • Help you improve your relationship potential
  • Help you succeed in your life goals
  • Empower you to be your own best resource for help
  • Listen to you and learn you in order to help you become self-guiding

Blackwell Coaching Methods

  • Personality typing
  • Rational emotive behavioral techniques
  • Multigenerational family techniques
  • Solution-focused techniques
  • Psychoeducation

Community Goals

  • Reduce the stigma attached to mental health improvement
  • Refrain from pathologizing people
  • Focus on reducing anxiety and building self-confidence
  • Foster self-empowerment
  • Create financial affordability for those seeking self-improvement